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How To Set Up Automatic Message Replies on Instagram

There are many good cases where an auto-reply to your Instagram DMs would come in super handy. Some common examples are:

As valuable as an auto-reply feature may sound, such feature does not exist on the Instagram app itself. However, it can be achieved with the IGdm Pro app. This article will be walking through how you can set-up Instagram auto-replies using the IGdm Pro app.


Installing IGdm Pro

IGdm Pro is a third-party Instagram application that has been designed to improve the effeciency of Instagram users who run businesses with their accounts. The IGdm Pro app offers message scheduling, bulk message sending, automatic welcome message to new followers, quick replies, and a host of other productivity boosting features.

To install the IGdm Pro app, simply visit the website (, and click the download link that is applicable to your operating system. Once downloaded to your computer, launch the application and complete the installation process.


Log In to Your Instagram Account

IGdm Pro Login Screenshot


Configure and Enable Message Auto-Reply

IGdm Pro avatar dropdown menu

IGdm Pro auto reply view

IGdm Pro auto reply condition

IGdm Pro auto reply recipient

IGdm Pro auto reply recipient


Now that your auto-reply is enabled, IGdm Pro will automatically respond if a message is received from the provided user (in our case, "mickeymouse").

NOTE: The auto-reply feature will not work if your IGdm Pro app is not running. However, once you re-start the app, it will begin to work again.


What If The Same Person Messages You Multiple Times?

IGdm Pro's Auto-Reply feature is intelligently implemented to not auto-reply an account more than once even if they send subsequent messages to you. However, if the person sends you a subsequent message over an hour after, the auto-reply will kick in to respond again.


On that note, we have come to the end of this guide. Thank you for reading and we hope you found this useful.