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How To Export (or Scrape) The Followers of any Instagram Account

There are various ways to generate leads on Instagram. Some examples are; Paid Instagram Ads, Using Link Trees, Automated messaging, Or extracting usernames from the list of people who follow an Account similar to yours.

In this article, we will walk you through a guide on how you can generate leads by exporting the users who follow a specific Instagram account. This will be done using the IGdm Pro app.


Installing IGdm Pro

IGdm Pro is a handy application that has been designed to improve the effeciency of Instagram users who run businesses with their accounts. The IGdm Pro app offers bulk message sending, auto-replies, automatic welcome message to new followers, and a host of other productivity boosting features.

To install the IGdm Pro app, simply visit the website (, and click the download link that is applicable to your operating system. Once downloaded to your computer, launch the application and complete the installation process.


Log In to Your Instagram Account

IGdm Pro Login Screenshot


Start Collecting Instagram Users

IGdm Pro avatar dropdown menu

For the purpose of this guide we are going to select the second option, which is "Extract the Followers of an Account" (See screenshot below)

IGdm Pro lead generation type selection

NOTE: To avoid overwhelming Instagram's servers, IGdm Pro will only scrape the first 500 followers of the target account. Also in some cases, Instagram may allow IGdm to only access the first 50 followers, in which case, only the first 50 followers will be scraped.

IGdm Pro lead generation name and target account



We hope you found this article useful, and are able to step your Lead Generation game up with IGdm Pro.