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How To Send Bulk Messages On Instagram

Social Media Apps like Instagram and TikTok are quickly evolving beyond the umbrella term "Social Media Apps". For many people, these apps have become work places. They are used to run primary businesses that serve as means of livelihood.

The popular use case of running businesses on Instagram has introduced an increasing demand for ways to do things more efficiently while on the App.

In this guide, we will be showing you how you can send bulk Instagram messages (to multiple recipients at once) using the IGdm Pro app. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming messaging and hello to efficiency and convenience.


The Instagram Dilemma

Instagram's user-friendly interface shines when it comes to visual content sharing. However, If you've ever tried to announce an event, launch, or simply send a personalized greeting to your followers, you're probably all too familiar with the manual process of sending messages one by one. It's not only time-consuming but can be mind-numbing when you have a lengthy list of recipients.


Using the IGdm Pro App

IGdm Pro is a handy application that has been designed to improve the effeciency of users who run businesses with their Instagram accounts. Asides from the bulk messaging functionality, IGdm Pro also offers message scheduling, auto-replies, automatic welcome message to new followers, quick replies, and a host of other productivity boosting features.

To install the IGdm Pro app, simply visit the website (, and click the download link that is applicable to your operating system. Once downloaded to your computer, launch the application and complete the installation process.


Log In to Your Instagram Account

IGdm Pro Login Screenshot


Compose Your First Bulk Message

IGdm Pro avatar dropdown menu

IGdm Pro Bulk Message View

IGdm Pro Bulk Message Recipients List

NOTE: In order for all the messages to be sent, you are required to keep the IGdm Pro app running while the messages are being sent. However, if you do close the app, the bulk messages will resume the next time the app is launched.

Bulk Message Composed


IGdm Pro's Smart Approach To Instargam Bulk Messages

IGdm Pro avoids over-flooding Instagram's servers when sending Bulk Messages to various users at once. It achieves this by sending the message to each user at different intervals. What this means is that, the bulk messages do not get sent at the same time. Instead, IGdm Pro picks the first user, sends the message to them, and waits for some minutes before proceeding to pick the second user, and so forth.



In a world where time is precious and efficiency is key, IGdm Pro is a game-changer for Instagram users looking to streamline their business efforts on the App. Whether you're a marketer, influencer, or just an enthusiastic Instagram user, IGdm Pro is your partner for effective outreach and DM management.

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