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How To Schedule Instagram Messages

Instagram is a powerful platform for staying connected and engaging with your audience. If you use Instagram to manage a Business account, you've probably experienced the challenge of wanting to send messages at specific times, only to realize that manual messaging is the only option. But what if there was a way to schedule Instagram messages in advance, saving you time and effort?

In this guide, we'll explore how you can use the IGdm Pro app to schedule Instagram messages.


What is the IGdm Pro App

IGdm Pro is a handy application that has been designed to improve the effeciency of users who run businesses with their Instagram accounts. Asides from scheduling messages, IGdm Pro also offers bulk message sending, auto-replies, automatic welcome message to new followers, quick replies and a host of other productivity boosting features.

To install the IGdm Pro app, simply visit the website (, and click the download link that is applicable to your operating system. Once downloaded to your computer, launch the application and complete the installation process.


Log In to Your Instagram Account

IGdm Pro Login Screenshot


Schedule Your Instagram Message

IGdm Pro Schedule Message Icon

Schedule Date Picker

IGdm Pro Type Message To Schedule

NOTE: If your IGdm Pro app is not running at the time the message is due to be sent, it will not send the message until the next time your launch the application.

Message Successfully Scheduled


View Your List Of Scheduled Messages

IGdm Pro Dropdown Menu

List of Scheduled Messages



With IGdm Pro, scheduling Instagram messages is no longer a hassle. Ready to take control of your Instagram messaging? Download IGdm Pro today and unlock the power of scheduled messaging.

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