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How To Automatically Send a Greeting Message to Your New Instagram Followers

Depending on the nature of business or marketing efforts you run on Instagram, you may have found the need to send auotmated greeting messages to users that recently followed you. However, Instagram unfortunately doesn't currently have support for this feature. In this article, we will walk through how you can enable automated messages to your new Instagram followers using the IGdm Pro app.


Installing IGdm Pro

IGdm Pro is a handy application that has been designed to improve the effeciency of Instagram users who run businesses with their accounts. The IGdm Pro app offers message scheduling, bulk message sending, auto-replies, quick replies, and a host of other productivity boosting features.

To install the IGdm Pro app, simply visit the website (, and click the download link that is applicable to your operating system. Once downloaded to your computer, launch the application and complete the installation process.


Log In to Your Instagram Account

IGdm Pro Login Screenshot


Compose and Enable Auto-Message For Your New Followers

IGdm Pro avatar dropdown menu

IGdm Pro auto message tools view

IGdm Pro Auto Message Toggle Switch


Now that your auto-message is enabled, once your Instagram account gets new followers, they will receive the message within 30 minutes of following you.

NOTE: The auto-message feature will not work if your IGdm Pro app is not running. However, once you re-start the app, it will begin to work again.


IGdm Pro Intelligently Avoids Rate Limits

In order to avoid over-flooding Instagram's servers, IGdm Pro will ensure to send the auto-message to new followers within 30 minutes, but not instantly. This approach ensures leaving breathing room for various new followers that it may need to send the message to in that period.



We hope you found this article useful, and are able to increase your follower engagement with this valuable feature provided by IGdm Pro.

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