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How To Set Up Automatic Message Replies on Instagram

Learn how you can automate direct message replies for your Instagram account. Auto-replies can step in during your off hours to respond to your prospects while you are away.

How To Automatically Send a Greeting Message to Your New Instagram Followers

Learn how you can automate instant interactions with your Instagram followers by sending them an automated greeting message shortly after they follow you.

How To Schedule Instagram Messages

Discover how to schedule Instagram messages effortlessly using IGdm Pro. Say goodbye to manual messaging and explore the advantages of efficient message scheduling. Follow our step-by-step guide to get started.

How To Send Bulk Messages On Instagram

Learn how to send bulk messages on Instagram with ease using IGdm Pro app. Say goodbye to manual messaging and hello to efficiency. Discover the advantages and steps to get started.

Getting IGdm running on Windows and Linux

There are some known issues to get IGdm up and running on Windows, learn how to get it up and running.